We offer services from chipset module design, firmware design, network and cloud architecture design, mobile APP development, and solution integration to provide a complete Internet of Things solution for enterprise businesses. Our extensive knowledge in the systems integration between software, hardware and architecture allows us to devise cost-effective, reliable and scalable Internet of Things Solutions
Who we are

Art++ is a young international start-up, formed in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs who have been working together to create commercial opportunities using their combined skills and experience in information technology, commercial art, design & manufacture of fabric products, the internet and the global commercialization of products.

We provide technological tailor-made solutions that bring convenience to people’s everyday lives. We focus primarily on Connected Wearable Devices, Smart Home Devices and Smart Care Solutions.

With proprietary technology and designs, we create unique physical products combined with software applications.

Our ability to operate in this exciting, dynamic and expanding field is immeasurably enhanced by our highly skilled and experienced engineers based in Taiwan’s Silicon Valley and India. At the same time, we work with industry giants and the world’s top original equipment manufacturers to deliver efficient and innovative Internet of Things solutions.

Let us get to work to turn your ideas into brilliant products and your problems into perfect solutions, and together we can write another IoT commercial success story.

Stephane Vedovato-Mauge
“Our goal is to connect devices to help companies transform the way they create and service smart connected products”